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The Dealer Nav difference always pushing to ask the better question. How can we outperform the others in dealer services and expectations. Giving you the dealer a one of a kind product with superior service.
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Dedicated to driving business to your dealership: Dealer Nav is now offering New Assist Vehicle program. If a customer has a constructive total loss or their vehicle is stolen you the partnered with the right GAP company we will assist your customer with $500.00 down payment if they come and buy another vehicle from you. Who else does that for you? No one! An excellent perk in not only selling the GAP policy they need but also helping drive the business back to you the dealer.


Dealer Nav is a company that has taken their experience in the automotive industry and applied to the two most important factors in business. Customer service satisfaction and dealer profit center.
Would your lender be more incline to lend on a branded title vehicle if they were protected for the potential gap in depreciation and loan balance if something happened to the vehicle?
Would your customer be more inclined to purchase knowing they had the same protection?
Too often the opportunity to provide peace of mind for your customer is taken away from the dealer by an insurance company, bank or credit union that will offer GAP protection cutting you the dealer out of potential profit.
With customers becoming more educated in the buying process combines with the increasing demand for savings the rebuilt restored, salvage title,vehicle purchase market is growing more than ever. Dealer Nav has bridged this GAP and answered the call by putting you the dealer back in control giving you a product the insurance companies and banks won't touch. Allowing your customer, credit union or bank protection peace of mind.
Would your lender be more incline to lend on a branded title vehicle if they were protected for the potential gap in depreciation and loan balance?


1.No deductible. Under the auto insurer's GAP policy, consumers must pay a deductible when they file a claim. The dealership's GAP policy has no deductible.
2. No impact on insurance rates. The more claims consumers have against their auto insurance policies, the more the insurer raises their rates. Claims against dealership GAP policies do not affect auto insurance premiums.
3. No risk of cancellation. Auto insurers can cancel policies if consumers file one too many claims. Not true with claims against dealership GAP policies.
4. Freedom to switch insurers. If consumers buy from the dealership, they can switch auto insurers without losing GAP coverage. But if consumers want to maintain their insurer's GAP coverage, they must stick with that insurer over the term of the vehicle loan.
5. Upside-down trade-ins. Often, a dealership will roll the amount the customer still owes on a trade-in into the loan on a new vehicle. If the new vehicle is totaled or stolen, the dealership's GAP policy pays the difference between cash value of the vehicle and the balance of the loan — including the negative equity on the trade-in. But sometimes insurance companies don't cover the negative equity on the trade-in in GAP coverage.
6. Replacement vehicle. If consumers get GAP coverage from the insurer and the vehicle is totaled, the insurance company is more likely to fix the vehicle than to total it.


Security: You can ease the financial burden associated with the loss of a vehicle
Protection: Your credit rating and the value of your vehicle are protected
Stability: You are assured a positive financial transition when it is needed the most
Peace of Mind: Your worries about future further financial loss are minimized

Optimizing the value of your purchase with Dealer Nav GAP coverage:

  • You purchase or only slightly used vehicle

  • If You didn’t make a down payment on your auto loan or put less than $3,000.00 down

  • If you don’t have money in the bank to cover the potential value gap in case your car is totaled

  • If you're financing for more than 24 months

  • If you're driving in excess of 12,000 miles a year during that time


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